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Solar Systems Installation in Somerset

Adding solar panels to your home in Somerset is a great way to lower your monthly energy bills, and help to reduce your overall carbon footprint. When learning more about different solar panel installation options, however, you can quickly see how confusing it can get. There are quite a few different companies vying for your business, so how do you choose the right one? Well, when it comes to solar systems installation in Somerset, one company stands above all the rest.

We use, and recommend, SunPower for all your solar energy needs. This company uses the best materials, offers the best deals, and can help ensure your solar system is running properly for many years to come. Read on to learn more about why SunPower is the best option for renewable energy in Somerset today.

When planning your solar installation, you'll quickly realize that there is a lot that needs to be done. Some companies need you to handle some aspects of the process, but not SunPower. SunPower handles everything from the planning and engineering work, to seeking the proper permits and getting the work done. In addition, they service the systems should anything go wrong in the future, which is very rare.

SunPower is one of the most trusted solar energy companies in business today. They've been working in the solar energy for more than 30 years now, and have an exceptional reputation for everything they do. The company is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and they have helped provide solar systems to some of the biggest institutions in the country. For example, they were used by Ford, Macy's, and even the US Airforce!

Many solar panel systems will provide power, but make your home look bad in the process. This is because of the low-quality materials used, which produce a blueish panel with silver specs in it. This can clash with your surrounding roof or the other materials in your home. SunPower, on the other hand, uses top quality materials, which results in a black panel that looks great on any home.

If you do choose to have SunPower install your solar panels, you can rest confidently that the panels will work great long into the future. This is not only because of the great materials used, but also because they back every system with the best warranty in the industry. If your solar panels get damaged or stop working for any reason, they will be replaced free of charge.

Moving to solar panels is a big decision, and one you're going to want to think through and get all the information you can. We are here to provide you with answers to your questions, and help you with anything else you need. Please don't hesitate to contact us to set up a free, no obligation, consultation to see if renewable energy is right for your Somerset home.